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Welcome to PublicPrivateDialogue.org

This website is about how governments, businesses, civil society and donors can use public private dialogue (PPD) to promote private sector development, open governance and poverty reduction.

Click to join the Public-Private Dialogue community on Facebook For good practice material, tools and lessons learned stay here! To get PPD news, see PPD videos, interact with hundreds of other PPD fans and contribute to our community of practice, join the Facebook PPD Club.

New articles NEW: Updated lessons learned page, featuring a PPD practical notes series devised as how-to guides that capture the evolution of PPD and the challenges faced by practitioners since the first PPD handbook was published in 2006. Go explore "PPD: State of Play", "Design, Implementation, and Management of the Coordination Unit in a PPD", "Gender-Informed PPD", and "Ensuring Sustainability of PPD Initiatives".

Click here to access the 2015 PPD Global Workshop The proceedings of the 8th international Workshop on Public-Private Dialogue are rich of learnings. The Workshop took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, March 10 to 13, 2015.The focus was on "Promoting Sustainable Global Value Chains through PPD". The event included a high-level day including prominent keynote speakers.The following workshop days included PPD good practices, case studies, site visits to local Danish PPDs, and interactive exercises. 315 people joined representing 45 PPDs from various countries around the world, as well as leading CEOs of Danish and multinational companies. Check the 2015 PPD Global Workshop page for workshop material, presentations, papers, videos and proceedings.

PPD Online Courses PPD Online Course. Always wanted an online a "PPD Primer" to learn about PPD or improve your knowledge on the topic? Find here a set of 26 video modules which can be used by PPD experts to build capacity among PPD stakeholders on secretariat effectiveness and PPD management, advocacy and communications, monitoring and evaluation and sector specific initiatives.

Click here to acces the PPD Handbook Still available for free download: Public-Private Dialogue for Sector Competitiveness and Local Economic Development: Lessons form the Mediterranean Region, a comparative study which explores the influence of PPDs on local development and sector competitiveness. And our classic, the PPD Handbook, which includes basic operational guidelines for practitioners, a standardized PPD evaluation tool and the PPD Database tool to help manage and track the issues raised by working groups.

Last updated: August 25, 2016.

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