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The PPD Handbook > Annexes > The Evaluation Tool

The Evaluation Tool

This evaluation tool is designed to be used o a regular basis (every six months or so) by PPD facilitators to measure the effectiveness of the partnership on the three levels defined in the PPD M&E framework: 1- Organizational effectiveness, 2- Impact on the reform process.

Click here to download the evaluation tool.

It is based on Excel and is hence usable on any computer without the use of extra software. The tool will enable you to record a number of information in pre-formatted spreadsheets. In return, the system will generate automatically a number of visuals such as the evaluation wheel, the colored reform process table, etc. To start using the M&E tool, follow these easy steps:
    The Evaluation Wheel

  1. step 1Download, save and open the Excel file called "PPD Evaluation Tool_2010.xlsx". It will open on the first tab "PPD Evaluation Wheel".


  3. step 2For Organizational Effectiveness, fill in the evaluation table with scores from 0 to 10 for each of the indicators. The evaluation wheel will automatically display.



    The Reform Proces Table

  5. step 3For the Reform Process tables, assess if the Private sector and the Government meet the pre-conditions for the steps of the reform process (1. Diagnostic - 2. Solution Design - 3. Advocacy and Handover to Public Sector - 4. Legislative and/or Executive Process - 5. Implementation, M&E, Follow-up) and to what extent the PPD has an impact on those steps (scale from 0 to 3). Do it for each reform, where ratings are function of scores given for private sector capacity, confidence and access and government capacity, willingness and opportunity.

  6. step 4Use this table to compare the score of each reform on each 5 steps. These scores are automatically fed from the previous reform process tables. Colors will be applied automatically depending on the score, from 0 to 3. The colored map is thus automatically generated and also provides the average score of the PPD for reform process impact.

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